Ultimate Gold Detox - Gushin' Grape

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The Ultimate Gold Detox brand you love has now expanded our flavor product line!  Everyone knew and trusted the golden orange flavor since 1999, and now we have expanded our horizons (and taste buds) to offer more variety for the sophisticated palates!  This is the same Ultimate Gold you've trusted for over 20 years, only now with NEW FLAVORS!

Ultimate Gold was created when a more powerful and a more fortified detox was needed. Consumers from across the country were interviewed to find out what was missing in their detox. Only after studying the detoxification process of the human body was Ultimate Gold born. We then fortified the detox recipe with essential vitamins and minerals. Fortified with essential vitamins and minerals to help the body cleanse itself. Ultimate Gold stimulates the bodiesʼ natural cleansing process. This stimulation quickens detoxification allowing Ultimate Gold to work in less than one hour! Ultimate Gold comes in both 16 oz and 20 oz bottles. The 16 oz is maximum strength for most body styles. WORKS IN LESS THAN 60 MINUTES! VITAMIN B-50 COMPLEX (B2 - B6 - B12) CREATINE FORTIFIED MORE STRENGTH THAN ANY DETOX ON THE MARKET! In most cases this products effects can take 3 days to reach Total Body Detox.

Drinking Instructions: Avoid toxins 24-36 hours before the day you want to be clean. 1. Follow these instructions carefully. 2. Drink only one 16oz glass of water one hour before drinking Ultimate Gold. 3. Shake Well. 4. Drink entire contents of bottle in a timely manner (quickly). 5. Fifteen minutes after drinking Ultimate Gold refill bottle and drink. 6. Urinate 2-3 times in the first hour. 7. After 45 minutes you will be clean for 4-5 hours! Enhancing Ultimate Gold Effectiveness The followig will help Ultimate Gold be as effective as possible to energize the detoxification process. 1. Drink at least eight 8 ounce glasses of water everyday. 2. Maintaining a healthy diet. 3. Plenty of rest and exercise . 4. Do not eat a large meal three hours before drinking!

  • Works in 60 min
  • Strong total body detox
  • Available in 16oz or 20oz
  • 20oz size recommended for people over 200lbs