How to detox with Ultimate Gold Detox drinks

How to detox with Ultimate Gold Detox drinks

Posted by Ultimate Gold Detox on Feb 12th 2020

Every day we consume toxins into our body making us feel sluggish and tired.  Regain your body and rid yourself of toxins within less than 60 minutes!  Using Ultimate Gold Detox will allow you stimulate your bodies natural cleansing process.  Fortified with natural vitamins and minerals, this detox will ensure you're the best version of you.

Prepare for your detox program:

Before you take Ultimate Gold detox, it's important to prepare yourself as far ahead of time as you're able.  

  • Avoid toxins at a minimum of 24hrs before the day you want to cleanse your body.
  • Eat light and healthy meals.
  • Ensure you're consuming half your body weight in ounces of water each day before starting a cleanse.
  • If you have a toxin level of an everyday user, be sure to get a 20oz bottle.
  • If you weigh over 200lbs, be sure to get a 20oz bottle.
  • Once consumed, the maximum benefits last 3-4 hours.

Instructions for using Ultimate Gold Detox drinks:

  1. Consume up to 16oz of water every two hours until you drink Ultimate Gold.
  2. Shake well and drink the entire contents of the bottle.  (20oz bottles are recommended for people over 200lbs or with heavy everyday toxin levels)
  3. 15 minutes after drinking refill the bottle with water and drink.
  4. Over the next hour, urinate frequently.
  5. Within 60 minutes of consuming Ultimate Gold Detox you will be toxin free!